About Canon's Calculators

Merging convenience and efficiency right at your fingertips, Canon calculators have stylish designs with a variety of models so you can find results for every task. Canon calculators are known as some of the best calculators for handheld, desktop, office printing and scientific calculators. With our wide range of sleek models, you will find the features and functions you need for school, business, or everyday calculations.

Canon Premium calculators combine a fashionable design as well as impressive features in a slim, high-end desktop calculator. With a large LCD screen, memory keys, and solar power source these calculators are portable and multifunctional perfect for everyday use. This supports sustainability and offers the perfect balance of maximum style and minimum waste. Canon's Green calculators are made from 100% recycled plastic and are compact in design and feature a dual power supply for all your calculation needs.

Canon Printing Calculators incorporate a fast and durable printing unit for clear printouts in one or two colors. Their ergonomic keyboards and large displays add to their convenience and make them perfect for heavy-duty use in busy offices. Their fast print speeds ensure productive performance. Whether you're calculating your taxes, currency exchanges, or business functions we have printing calculators that are portable or the perfect fit for your desk. If you're a student and need of a compact calculator with powerful performance with 38 built-in formulas, Canon scientific calculators are perfect for your education. With a slim and lightweight design, they offer students a simple solution to complex problems.

Canon calculators are known for high accuracy and ease of use. With some of the top reviews Canon calculators are the best quality for everyday use whether you're a professional or student. With lightweight designs and easy use Canon calculators have the variety to give you some of the best performance you need.