Miniature Hansa 1936 Canon Camera Replica


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Miniature Hansa 1936 Canon Camera Replica

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The Hansa 1936 Canon miniature replica was Japan's first 35mm focal plane shutter rangefinder camera and was introduced to the world in 1936. The dimensions of the working model were 136.5mm x 69mm x 45mm with a weight of approximately 640g. When launched, the standard lens was a 50mm f 3.5 and was interchangeable. The viewfinder was a "box type" designed to pop up when a button on the back was pressed, a very advanced feature at the time.
This very limited quantity Hansa 1936 miniature is a high quality, metal bodied, non-working, scaled down version of the first Canon camera widely produced and makes a perfect gift for the collector, photo buff and Canon enthusiast.