EOS Digital SLR Camera Accessories

EOS Accessories

The EOS System is about more than just digital cameras. It's a collection of lenses, Speedlite flashes, accessories and software that provides a complete imaging solution - from capture to output. Complete the imaging solution from start to finish with accessories that are trusted worldwide by beginner and professional photographers alike.

EOS Batteries/Chargers/Grips

Add more power, ergonomics and speed to your creativity with EOS DSLR battery accessories. Canon has batteries, chargers, and grips for every EOS DSLR camera, from the beginner to the professional. We'll help you always be prepared for the next best photo. With extra rechargeable batteries and battery grips, you won't need to worry about running out of power in the middle of a great photo session or vacation. Add a battery grip with an extra set of controls which will make it much easier to take portrait photographs when you're holding the camera vertically. Battery grips attach to the bottom of the camera, and can hold multiple Lithium-ion or AA batteries allowing you to take more images and videos before you need to recharge. Check out our genuine EOS DSLR batteries, chargers, and grips to power up your photography.

EOS Cases & Straps

Canon offers a comprehensive line of accessories for the photographer on the go. Canon's camera cases are built specifically to protect, carry, and store EOS DSLR models, and can accommodate a number of different camera configurations.

EOS Flash Accessories

See your subject in a new light using an off-camera flash for new creative possibilities. An external Canon Speedlite flash can be positioned away from the camera and triggered remotely using the built-in Speedlite transmitter. Canon has flash accessories for almost every photographic situation that are perfect complements to your Speedlite flash.

EOS Remote Controllers

Canon accessories are the perfect choice to help enhance your EOS System's performance. Whether through recording data or controlling your camera remotely, Canon's own accessories are designed to complement your EOS Camera. Wireless remote controllers trigger the DSLR remotely from a distance up to 16' (4.8 m); great for self-portraits or to avoid camera shake caused by moving the camera when shooting with long shutter speeds. If you are interested in a timer, our DSLR remote controllers can be set anywhere from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 minutes, or 59 seconds easily entering the numeric setting. Interval timer mode helps you take great astrophotography or time lapse photos.

EOS Tripods, Adapters & Other Accessories

Designed to help you get the most out of your EOS cameras, Canon offers a number of different cables, tripods, straps and more, for added convenience and portability. For more customization, many of Canon's EOS cameras are compatible with a vast choice of eyecups, diopter lenses and more for greater versatility and comfort in a number of shooting situations.